We are also offering following Prodcuts:


We Offering  Raw Cashew Nut  in shell ( Raw Cashew Nuts ) of  Benin, Ghana, Gini Bissau, Indonesia, Tanzania Origins  and Other Local Indian origins as per availebility.


2. Cashew Nut Shell Cake  or  Cashew Shell Waste

Cashew Shell Cake  or  Cashew Nut Shell Waste  or  De-Oiled Cashew Nut Shell Cake is used for Boiling, Heating (Burning) Purpose  or  used as Fuel by manufacturing Units.    Cashew Nut Shell Cake Manufactured from Cashew Nut Shells, after removing Cashew Shell Oil from Expeller. 

Cashew Nut Shell Cake will give a very good Temperature when heating  or  mixing with other Fuels or Fuel substitutes. Cashew Nut Shell Cake or Cashew Shell Waste  is also used for other industrial & other manufacturing use by Commercial Establishments.



Cashew Husk or Cashew Nut Husk used as a agent for Tanning, Pigment industries. Cashew Kernel Husk or Cashew Husk Powder is also used for Leather Tanning, Khatta, Panmasala, Animal feed, Cattle feed industries.  Packing in 20 to 25 kg Bags.  Contact us for your requirement.

3. CNSL RESIN (Liquid) :

CNSL Resin is Manufactured from Cashew Nut Shell Liquid, are used in various Applications like Brake Blocks, Disc pads, Clutch Plate, Roll Linings etc.